Your Pre-Wedding Consultation with Andy of Acet Photography

 Preparation: It's All About You!

Catering to every beautiful couple individually is what sends the butterflies fluttering in my belly. So, preparation is crucial to ensure the key to your tale of love is captured impeccably. Prior to our consultation, I encourage all my couples to ponder over a collection of questions, diving you into the heart of your wedding photography decisions.

 Discussing Your Preferences and Style

What kind of images make your heart flutter? Are you drawn more to classic and traditional shots, do you seek whimsical and offbeat aesthetics? Perhaps a mix of reportage and fine art? A pre-wedding consultation is the perfect platform to discuss precisely what you envisage for your big day. Let's cull out images matching your style so I can tailor my approach to suit your preferences.

 The Timeline

An integral part of my preparation process is understanding the timeline for your day. It’s important for me to know not only when the significant moments will occur, such as the exchange of vows and the first dance, but also the smaller, personal moments such as the look on your partner's face when they see you for the first time.

Understanding Each Other

Lastly, it's very much about us getting to know each other, too. It's so important that we vibe, and you feel relaxed with me around. After all, I'll be shadowing you extensively on one of the most significant days of your life!

Optional Services: Let's Elevate Your Wedding Experience

Capture your day from several different perspectives to craft a multi-dimensional narrative of your love story. Allow me to introduce you to my optional services that could add sparkle to your wedding experience.

Drone Photography

Imagine aerial shots of your stunning countryside wedding in beautiful Wiltshire. Or, those magical first moments as a married couple captured via a bird's eye view. Drone photography allows me to encapsulate your love story from unique angles, creating a more expansive and detailed visual memory for you. 

Video Highlighting

Alongside photography, there’s nothing as emotive and touching as a short 2-4 minute video which highlights those special moments of your wedding day. Packed with the day's charm - your laughter, tears, and cheers - these cinematic video snapshots serve as moving, emotional keepsakes beyond still images.


So there it is, your detailed tour through a pre-wedding consultation. Every love story is unique, and I am passionate about honouring every couple’s journey with images that reflect their authentic self. 

Consider leaving no stone unturned - from the core aspects of the timeline and photography style, right down to the nuanced optional services - we’ll chart a course for making your day as memorable as it can be. So grab a cuppa, let’s sit together, and chat candidly about your dreams for the perfect wedding.