My Wedding Portfolio

Welcome to a world where emotions are frozen in time, where beauty takes the form of radiant smiles, where love is captured through the lens of passion. I proudly present to you my exceptional wedding photography portfolio—a harmonious blend of timeless elegance and compelling creativity. Each image is not just a photograph—it's a story, carefully curated, and lovingly scripted.

As a seasoned wedding photographer, my work meditates beyond the conventional. I capture not only the profound energy of the moment— the sheer joy, the tears of happiness, the subtle exchanges of love —but also the delicate nuances that often go unobserved. The tender touch, the hopeful gaze, the bashful smile; these are the timeless artifacts of love that I strive to preserve in my frames. 

This portfolio presents a collection as diverse as the weddings I've been privileged to document. The rich tapestry of cultures, the unique traditions, the exhilarating spectrum of emotions, and the very essence of human connection—it's all encompassed within these pages.

Walk with me through poignant moments between a bride and a groom, their faces glowing with anticipation, their hands intertwined in a promise of lifetime companionship. Marvel at the exuberance of bridesmaids, their laughter echoing an infectious joy. Revel in the intimate family shots that will warm your heart and remind you of the strength of bonds formed not only by blood but also by love. 

In this vast cosmos of wedding photography, my work stands as a guiding lighthouse. Dedicated to authenticity, my camera lens seeks truth in every frame—not a staged performance, but a genuine reflection of your special day, each moment as unique and irreplaceable as your love story.

As you explore my portfolio, I hope you delve deeper than just viewing—it's an invitation to feel. To experience the love, the joy, and the intimate moments just as they unfolded. To resonate with the heartbeats echoing in each image and recognise the unique harmony that crafts the symphony of each wedding.

Welcome to my portfolio, a gallery of emotions, an anthology of love stories, a testament to the art of capturing beauty in its purest form. My lens is my pen, and this is my story inked in light. Cherishing the past, embracing the present, and looking forward to the future—that's the magic encapsulated in each image. Dive in, and let the journey begin.

Capturing Priceless Memories: A Journey through Wedding Photography with Andy of Acet Photography

As a Wiltshire-based photographer specialising in wedding, portrait, and property photography, I consider it an absolute honor and privilege to be a part of one of the most important days in a couple's life. Over the years, my experiences as a wedding photographer have taught me valuable lessons, allowing me to offer insightful tips and advice to future brides. Through this article, I hope to share my expertise, and provide meaningful content to assist brides in creating their dream wedding.

1. The Art of Storytelling:

Every wedding is unique, and as a professional photographer, my aim is to capture the essence of each love story. From the magical moments shared between the couple to the heartfelt emotions felt by family and friends, every detail contributes to the overall narrative of the day. By understanding the couple's story, vision, and style, I can curate a visual masterpiece that reflects their love and personalities.

2. The Importance of Communication:

Effective communication plays a pivotal role in ensuring a successful wedding photography experience. As a photographer, I strive to build a strong rapport with the couple, enabling us to work together seamlessly on their special day. Prior to the wedding, I encourage open and transparent conversations, wherein couples can express their expectations, preferences, and any unique considerations. This allows me to tailor my approach and guarantee that their desires are met, resulting in a stress-free and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

3. The Power of Planning:

A well-organised timeline is key to capturing all the significant moments on a wedding day. I work closely with couples and wedding planners to create a detailed schedule, which ensures ample time for various aspects of the event, such as getting ready, the ceremony, portraits, and reception. A comprehensive plan promotes a relaxed atmosphere, allowing for a smooth flow of events and unhurried photography sessions.

4. Unveiling Hidden Gems:

Wiltshire is an enchanting location, offering breathtaking landscapes and a plethora of picturesque venues for weddings. As a local photographer, I am well-acquainted with the hidden gems nestled within the region. I enjoy exploring unique locations and scouting out captivating backgrounds to complement the couple's vision. By utilising these hidden treasures, I create stunning images that showcase the beauty of the surroundings and elevate the couple's love story.

5. Timeless Portraits:

Wedding portraits are a time-honored tradition, capturing the couple's radiant love and preserving it for generations to come. I strive to create timeless images that transcend current trends, focusing on genuine emotions and natural interactions. By guiding couples through relaxed and effortless posing techniques, I ensure that their portraits exude authenticity and embody the essence of their relationship.

6. The Power of Candid Moments:

While posed portraits are essential, it is often the unscripted, candid moments that truly capture the spirit of a wedding day. From stolen glances and laughter shared between loved ones to emotional exchanges between the couple, these candid moments encapsulate the true essence of the celebration. My unobtrusive approach allows me to discreetly capture these precious instances of pure joy and emotion, resulting in a collection of heartfelt memories.

7. Preparation for the Big Day:

Preparing for a wedding is a multi-faceted process, and my role extends beyond just capturing photographs. I understand the importance of being detail-oriented and strive to assist couples in their planning journey. From offering guidance on choosing the perfect location and coordinating with other vendors to suggesting ideal timelines and providing insight on lighting considerations, I aim to alleviate stress and contribute to the overall success of the day.


The journey of a wedding photographer is a remarkable one. From getting to know the couple and understanding their unique love story to capturing fleeting moments that embody the authenticity of the day, I am humbled to play a part in turning their dreams into tangible memories. By combining technical expertise, effective communication, and a deep understanding of their vision, I strive to deliver a wedding day experience that is beyond their expectations. Every click of the shutter is an opportunity to create a masterpiece that will be cherished for a lifetime.